The Carr Family

The Carr family has extended their hospitality to visiting groups for the past 60 years. Carr Golf Travel was formed in 1990 in order to build upon existing expertise and to formalise their personal approach to the management and entertainment of visiting groups.

The company’s founder, the late Joe Carr, was one of Ireland’s greatest sporting heroes, having won over 40 major championships, including three British Amateur Titles in 1953, 1958 and 1960. His stature as a world figure in the game of golf is reflected by the fact that he was the recipient of the Bobby Jones Award in 1961 and the Walter Hagen Award in 1967. In November 2007, Joe became the first Irishman to enter the World Golf Hall of Fame at the World Golf Village.

Joe Carr played in the Walker Cup a record 13 times and led the British & Irish team as playing captain in 1963 and non playing captain two years later. He was honoured with the Captaincy of the Royal & Ancient, the highest honour in world golf, in 1991 – 1992 and he remains the only Irishman ever to have held this position.

Carr played in the US Masters on three occasions and therein lies an interesting piece of trivia. Upon making his debut at Augusta in 1967, he was paired for the opening two rounds with defending champion, Jack Nicklaus. Carr qualified for the four rounds whereas Nicklaus missed the cut. A year later, his partner was Arnold Palmer, the 1964 champion. Again, Carr qualified for all four rounds; Palmer missed the cut. At that point, the Chairman of Augusta at the time, Clifford Roberts, remarked: “We’re inviting Carr back next year but who’ll play with him?”

Despite his success, Joe Carr retained that sense of humour that appears inherent in all golfing legends, amateur and pro alike. A perfect example of this is the story told by the man himself about the time he revisited County Louth Golf Club at Baltray, where he had previously won 12 East of Ireland championships. Joe was assigned a callow young caddy who to the amusement of Carr’s playing partners, had no idea as to his employers’ achievements. During the round, the youngster inquired whether Carr had ever played in the East of Ireland, whereupon Joe informed him that he had in fact won the event a couple of times. As luck would have it, on the very next hole, Carr did the unthinkable by topping his drive. At this point, the caddy remarked wryly: “it must have been a lot easier in those days”.

Today Marty Carr operates the business. Based in Ireland, Marty is a respected authority in golf and maintains a hands-on role in managing the organisation. Brother Roddy Carr also participates in the business. The Carr family is actively involved in all aspects of the business and ensures that personal involvement is at all times apparent.