Total Maintenance Solutions

Having accumulated years of experience and extensive vaults of maintenance knowledge, Carr Golf can provide a unique maintenance solution to improve your course condition at a lower cost, ensuring enhanced member satisfaction & improved financial security.

The area’s we can help with are;

Agronomic Leadership

Our agronomy team work hand-in-hand with your club management and superintendent to ensure high standards of course presentation and agronomic health. Our team will develop an agronomic programme which will meet the objectives of the Club and ensure standards of maintenance and presentation are improved.

Cost & Accountability

Based on the scope of the agreed agronomic programme and subsequent labour and material requirements, we provide Clubs with a fixed price solution meaning annual costs and expenses are predictable. We guarantee accountability for your course conditioning and presentation standards through weekly visits by members of our agronomic team to measure performance through scientific analysis and check on course conditions.

Materials & Equipment

Carr Golf provides all of the chemicals and materials required for the implementation of the annual agronomic programme as part of our fixed price solution. You deal with one supplier and receive one monthly invoice, offering significant savings in administration. Our Plant & Machinery Maintenance team assume responsibility for the maintenance of all your course equipment including all fuel, oil, lubricants and spare parts necessary to operate and maintain the equipment. Our team implement a preventative maintenance programme for all machinery and use our IT system to track hours, service intervals, work history and maintenance costs.

Operational Excellence

With Carr Golf, you get agronomic, equipment and management experts that few Clubs can afford on a stand-alone basis. Couple with our investment in R&D and technology, the result is sophisticated planning, proactive execution, earlier detection of issues and faster, more effective solutions. We analyse your golf course operations and design a work plan that best fits the unique needs of your course. The work plan includes proven management strategies that improve player experience, improve attention to detail and ensures your maintenance team is working efficiently and safely.

Superintendent Support

Our goal is to equip your golf course superintendent with the right tools, resources and training so he can more efficiently meet the short- and long-term goals of your club consistently year-over-year. Your golf course superintendent will be supported by Carr Golf’s experience, team members and the latest tools and scientific expertise. Together, we can deliver more to your course than what an individual golf course superintendent might be able to accomplish on his own.

Maintenance Team Development

Carr Golf will work with the maintenance team to help them develop professionally while furthering your goals for your course. In the first 60 days of your partnership with Carr Golf, our management team will conduct training workshops with your team on technical skills, golf course etiquette and workplace and equipment safety — all with the goal of maximising productivity and increasing quality standards.

Our team of experts carry out scientific analysis of your course to characterise the current situation. Our experts will work with you in defining a vision, and develop a clear understanding of your expectation, future vision and value proposition.