John Jacobs was golf’s greatest ‘unsung hero’

A warm affectionate and personal tribute to the late John Jacobs

by Roddy Carr

Irish Times, January 17, 2017

John Jacobs


John Jacobs who died on January 13th, 2017 had the rounded shoulders of a man who had spent 75 plus of his years toiling at the game of golf as a playing and teaching guru. He became known affectionately as Dr Golf.

He was a big gentle man with immense class who loved to laugh and did so often, especially in Ireland when he came to stay in our house Suncroft on the second green in Sutton to teach my father and me.

John also made my father, Joe Carr, the great player he was by explaining to him after he had won the 1953 British Amateur Championship beating Harvie Ward, that his fast, short, whiplash swing with the enormous power of youth would not last 10 years and that if he wanted to become a “great champion”, he would have to learn to “swing” the golf club properly.

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